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Our Design Philosophy

What guides us in making Minimode products. Our guideline to design.

Minimode is a design foundry, focused on redefining how we perceive and interact with our everyday life spaces. We understand how our life spaces and the objects within shape our daily living experience and influence our workflow, thoughts and productivity. All our design endeavors are aimed to create better living solutions that help us live a more productive and fulfilling life.

A home to all things minimal and functional, we create user centric products with clear functionality that meet multiple needs, and still maintain aesthetic integrity. We strive to create thoughtful designs that seamlessly blend into your life and become an integral part of your space. We reimagine mundane everyday objects to create brilliantly minimal and thoughtfully functional life accessories.

Our design process is guided by the thought that the products we own, should aid us everyday to live better, while merging with our spaces and creating no hindrance to us. We believe our life spaces and the objects within should be built for distinct and meaningful functionality, should be designed to deliver maximum productivity and be optimized to our personal needs. All our design efforts are dedicated to creating mindful products that uphold this testament, and help you balance the contrasts of life.

We believe that the way we utilize and interact with our life spaces can be fundamentally transformed by altering the design and utility of the products within. Our products are shaped by human needs and designed to add functionality to your space and give you more room for life. Our minimalistic designs draped in soothing colors, seamlessly blend into any space and imbibe balance to the area.

We aim to drive a cultural change towards a more minimal, productive and fulfilled living, through mindfully designed life accessories. We provide everyone the access and ability to own and use products that are optimized to their needs, consume minimum space and help them be more productive. Carefully crafted, and made with high quality materials, we strive to deliver the possibility of a better and beautiful living to one and all, at the fairest possible prices.

We believe that all products used in our daily lives are a representation of our contemporary culture, and we want the present to be strikingly different from the past, yet be a guide for a better, easier life. For long, mundane home accessories and everyday products have stayed stagnant in their visual and design language. We noticed a rather stark vacancy in a design language to unify our generation’s consumption of everyday household accessories. Our designs create products that distinctly standout from what we are used to, yet provide more ease of access and functionality.

We aim to disrupt the mundane and grow a new mode of life.


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